Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Triathlon refkection

Triathlon Reflection

How did feel before event?
I felt nervous and excited at the same time and felt like I had butterflies in my stomach.

What part was the hardest
easiest= why?
I found biking easy but I tried my best kinda and it was very fun.

How did you do - enjoy
I did really great but then I was slowing down.

What would you like to improve.
My biking, because I was going a bit slow and came 5th or 4th.

Suggestion to teachers-

There should maybe be a stand where you can buy some soft drinks (soda) for maybe $2 and more speakers if we can afford it.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Athletics Reflection

Athletics Reflection
I think I did well in the athletics because I tried my best and came 5th in the 100 meter run.

I enjoyed jumping over the pole in high jump because I get to land on the big blue mattress.

My most successful event was the 50 meter hurdle run, because I came 2nd in the 1st round, and 3rd in the 2nd and 3rd round.

My least successful event was the inter school high jump because when I got over the pole in my last 2 jumps I either touched the pole with my feet or hand.

I could have improved on not touching the pole when I jumped up into the air and onto the mattress. Throwing the soft ball into the air so it goes further

If the hurdle run was longer, if you had more chances for the inter schools high jump, and if the the 100 meter run was a little longer.

Unusual bikes

For the last 2 weeks our class has been biking. Our teacher came up with an idea to create an advertisement on an image we found when typed  Unusual Bikes. We came up with ideas to make people want to buy it. Here's my bike I picked to advertise......
This bike is not real, sorry if you had to go and find a shop called 29ers bike shop.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Lol Pop reflection

Market Day
Room 20’s and 9’s company name was called 29ers food company, the  product was called LOL POP. Our catchphrase was Lickin it, eatin it, laughing out loud.

I think that everyone did a great job on their posters and same with the other classes.

Lol pop was really tasty when I tried it for the first time. It was easy to take out of the cup as well.

I learnt how to advertise from reading other adverts, I also learnt how to create one as well.

I think that the free gift was a great idea for the product because more kids will buy it. The free gift was a moustache.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Why you should buy a dog

Most kids and parents have pets, some of them have cats, rats, parrots and maybe even chinchillas. I think dogs are the best because they’re really fun, easy to look after and they’ve got lots of personalities. Dogs can be full of energy most of time, you can even train them to do awesome tricks. After you read this, you’ll not only want a dog, you’ll own one.

Dogs can be really playful and pumped up, you can play fetch with them and chase them around the field or backyard. When you come back home from school, they’ll be wagging their tails ready to play. When mum says you have to go outside, you can play with your dog/s.  If you're lying on the ground bored out of your mind, your dog is always there to comfort you. In your spare time, you could try teaching it how to do some tricks like roll over,  high five, and maybe a backflip if it’s really talented.

Secondly, dogs are easy to look after. You only have feed them about 3-4 biscuits every morning and afternoon, it really depends on what dog you have. Dogs can be  full of lots of energy  but at the end of day they're just a lazy  pile of fur. If your dog gets thirsty, all you have to do is either grab a dog bowl or a bucket and fill it with water. But if you use a bucket, make sure to clean it before pouring water into it. And if you run out of dog biscuits, you can buy a new big bag of dog biscuits about $39 or higher.

Lastly, dogs can have lots of personalities. If you're feeling down, your dog will lick your knee or face and cheer right you up. Sometimes they won’t be there to cheer  you up, but I reckon they’ll be there. They always keep you company and some dogs can be really protective like a guard dog for example (If you don’t crave a burglar alarm, your dog can be one.) If you have two dogs, they’ll keep each other company. If there female, and male, you could have puppies and those puppies will turn into dogs. Then you could probably sell them for money, or keep them to make more baby puppies.

Some people wouldn’t like or want a dog because they poop everywhere, they leave their muddy trails on the floor. But most dogs poop on the grass in one area and they won’t come into the house if you close the door.

So now you have it, now you know dogs are the best. Dogs can really build up a bond with the owner and fill him or her with joy. If I were you I would buy a dog maybe now or tomorrow if you have the money.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How to tie a figure of 8 knot

How to tie a figure of 8 knot
A figure of 8 knot is the easiest knot to tie, I’ll be teaching you how to tie a figure of 8 knot. This can be really usefull.

  1. First of all, make a loop with your rope.
  1. Then you twist the loop once so that it looks like this.

  1. Next you grab rope A and place it through the loop.
  1. Now you pull both lines of the rope and you should have a knot that looks like an 8.

Now you know how to tie a figure of 8 knot, this should be easy for anyone that tries this but if you failed, I’d probably read this again. If you succeed, thumbs up!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Te Mata Peak Interview

Te mata peak interview by WolfZoid on GoAnimate

This is a video Ollie and I created, it's about our play but were just interviewing a carver from the play. We used GoAnimate too create this. Hope you like it!

Friday, 29 August 2014

2nd Production Reflection

Production Reflection
Wednesday 27th August 2014, all the Yr 4,5’s and 6’s had a production to do at 6:30pm. There were 4 legends, room 11 and 20 (that’s us) was the last group to do the “LEGEND OF TE MATA O RONGOKAKO”. I was in the back row of the carvers who were in the front of the rest. We heard the starting group of the play start talking. The curtains opened and the play began.

I was feeling pretty nervous before the play started and seeing all those people made me worry but then I realized that I’ve been practising so I should do well. When we finished doing our play, I was glad and really tired.

I thought the play went really well but we had some errors and people secretly getting in trouble but I thought everyone did a good job on the production.

I need to work on my expression,  being less worried and the kapa haka the rest was just all goods.

Friday, 22 August 2014

How New Zealand Formed Into Islands
Our class have been creating some story birds of a myth we wrote. My myth is about how Maui fished up the North Island, it's also about how the South Island of NZ was formed. (Click on the link above to read my story bird)

The Production

Production Reflection
On 27th of August 2014 Nga Rakau Nui is performing a production in the hall at half past 6. Room 20’s and 11’s production is about how Te Mata Peak was formed.

I am feeling pretty nervous about the production because I may mess up when I’m acting to Kotahitanga.

I am worried about how I will act when it’s just my turn to talk.

I am feeling confident about standing in the front of the carvers and practising in front of some people will make me more confident.

I am excited about doing Kotahitanga with a patu (cardboard) and watching Rongokako die at the end of our production.

I still need to work on saying “Kiora, we are the carvers the makers of tools for hunting and warfare” a bit louder and with more expression.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Facts on the atmosphere

This is my slideshow on atmosphere, I hope you like it.

LEGO MOVIE snapshot

This is my snapshot, from the holidays. I watched the Lego Movie and some of  the  parts were just sad and funny. Hope you enjoy reading it! :)

The lights turn off instantly, the room gets darker, and darker. Then suddenly a giant rectangular screen light up, and the movie begins. The start of the movie was looking pretty interesting when Lord Bussines bowled down the door  and had a robot shoot Vitruvius in the eyes and stole the Kragle (glue). Lord Business says “You’ve hidden the kragle well, old man” smirking in his face. “There is a prophecy” says Vitruvius, “Now there’s a prophecy!” replies Lord B  “Someone by the colour of yellow” Vitruvius says again..........       Lord B kicked Vitruvius off the cliff instantly after that whole bla bla bla incident. I thought it was funny watching Vitruvius fall.

In the construction part of the city, the construction workers were hopping into their vehicles and destroying heaps of buildings after a guy calls out, “SMASH EVERYTHING WEIRD”. I didn't know why they had to smash down the buildings but it was just weird.  After that they started singing a song that involved everything is awesome. Emmett says “Everything awesome, everything is cool with the part of the team, everything is awseoooooooome, when we’re living our dream. I could sing this for five hours....           5 HOURS LATER....      ....Everything is awesome”. The song was a bit catchy, but I didn’t sing it during the movie.

Emmett found the Piece Of Resistance after falling into a hole and found himself in a room with Bad Cop. Emmett asks “Isn’t there supposed to be a good cop because I watched a cop movie and there’s always a good cop”, Then bad cop switches to good cop “Hello, I’m your friendly neighbor, would you like a drink of water?” replies Good Cop. “Yes please?” says Emmett, “Well too bad” says Bad cop he replied as he through the cup away.

While I was watching the movie Wyldstyl and Emmett go through a portal that leads to the old WILD WEST..  Emmett was acting funny when he said “I’m a cowboy” and I cracked up at that moment when everyone turned silent. Then I saw what  Emmett’s mind looked like, his mind was just a dessert and he thought of a double deckered couch that appeared out of nowhere and Vitruvius said, “That’s the dumbest idea I have ever seen”. After that a cowbot knocked on the door and the three escaped from the trap door in the roof and a whole army of robots were waiting outside!

Mum was crying a little at a some of the parts like when Emmett purposely fell out of the window and woke up in another dimension, and by another dimension I mean in a basement full of everything in LEGO city. At that very time a kid found him on the floor and his dad came in. The dad says “what, what happened here” and the kid replies
machines lego people built and Metal Beard, Wyldstyl, Unikitty and the 1980’s space guy were surrounded by the black cubed robots.

The ending came and Emmett becomes a Master builder, saves all of LEGO City and builds a giant construction-bot the destroy those robots. I thought the movie until some lego duplo characters enter the scene and say “We are lego duplo and we are here to destroy you”.

Then the movie ended and room lit up with light. People started leaving the theatre. “That was a great movie” says Mum, “I couldn’t agree more” I reply.....   but I really need to go to the mens room so, see ya.
The Kragle

Friday, 20 June 2014

Room 20 Science Show Reflection

Our class had an assembly item to share with the whole school, and most of the class were dressed up as MAD SCIENTISTS. We put in a lot of work and some of us were nervous and shaky, but then they were relaxed when the hopped off stage.

6TH of June 2014 9:00 in the morning, our class had an assembly item for the school. It was about our universe and how it works. Our class wore their green ties and scientists cloaks. I grasped my scientist goggles and mustache to place on my head and face, then we trotted down to the hall where we rehearsed. We had some accidents with the speakers when Erin spoke through the microphone after Marcus asked the question about “Why do we have day and night”. Then a Fantail came out of nowhere, some of the kids were just staring at the Fantail then the kids up on stage. All the scientists were getting dressed into their cloaks ready for their part, then it was my turn to speak. The question our group chose was ‘why can’t we breathe in space?’.

I was feeling pretty nervous before we started, I was worrying about how I would react when it was my turn to talk in front of the whole school. My heart was beating fast like a cheetah, but then I didn't feel so nervous after I finished my line.

I was happy with my performance because I said my part very well and I didn't mess up or repeat words five times, or more.

I felt so proud of myself after I said my line because I said it clearly and in a loud enough voice. But I was mainly proud of myself because I got to hop off stage and get it done with.

I need to work on talking in front of the audience, looking at up instead of looking down at script but I would look if I forget a word or two, and try not to get so nervous.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rock Climbing Recount

Flax Rock

I grab my first rock and start to climb. As I climb the rope gets tighter and tighter. I grasp each and every rock. One of my hands slip and I was already 6 metres up, I trie to find a rock to cling onto but I had no luck. Then I looked down and found a yellow rock with green flames, I stood on it and continue my journey up the wall. It was getting harder, and harder to cling onto every other the colorful rubbery rocks. I’m up 13 metres up and I wasn’t going to let it all go yet. I try to reach the 25th rock and I still haven't got to the top.

My body starts to shake like a meteor ready to crash into Earth. My arms wiggle around like a snake, I look down and hear my classmates cheer me on. All the kids and adults were so small, they were the size of a miniature stick man. I look up and gasp to myself, I want to come down, but no. I keep on climbing. My legs and hands were getting tired and I was only 2 1/2 meters away from reaching the top. I try to reach the rocks, but I just couldn’t.

I looked down and fear struck me in the eyes, then I froze. Just for a moment though, and I thought about how I could grab the rubbery rock. I tried to reach it, but I can’t. Then I decided to come down, I hold onto the rope and the b-lay held on tightly, and slowly let me down. I touched the ground, and you could tell I was glad I was back onto the surface. Then I took a deep breath, and walked over to another wall to climb. I was real proud of myself then.

That there is my rock climbing snapshot at flax rock, thanks for reading! :-{)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

3D shapes (Area & Perimeter)

Our class created these 3D shapes that contains 20 cubes.
Mr Ford asked us to find out how much paper we would need to wrap up the cubes.

Volume = 20 cm cubed
2 wide x 5 long x 2 high= 20

2x5=10 for each side.
2x2=4 for each end.
So the total area = 48 cm squares

It's Not Easy Being A Cushion

Our class has been creating some poems about an object they've chosen, and we write how they feel if they were that  object. I hope you like my work. :)
It’s Not Easy Being A Cushion

It’s not easy being a cushion,
everyone sits on me every school week
Dirty fingers touching me,
leaving grease, sand and dirt behind.

I wish I could talk but for some reason I can’t
being only one shape for the rest of my life,
I hate the colour I am at the moment,
It’s hard to breath when I have no mouth or nose.
When school is over, I get left on the floor or usually somewhere up high
does nobody know I’m afraid of heights?

Sometimes I’m a chew toy for dogs,
and a disc for older kids to throw in the air.
When I get spinned around I get a bit sick and turn green, but only in my mind.
I wish kids and adults wouldn’t sit on me and squash me all the time.

It’s not easy being a cushion :’(  

Human Emotions

Our class has created a document about human emotions, we write about 5 or 7 emotions. I hope you like it. :)

Human Emotions

Words:Annoyed, Angry, Sad, Happy and Strong
Annoyed is like,
when someone copys what you say for the rest of your entire life.

Angry is like,
a bomb setting off in 3 seconds.

Sad is like,
Waiting for a game you bought offline and it never got delivered and you paid $50.00 for it.

Happy is like,
you winning the lotto and got paid twice the amount of money you got paid.

Strong is like,
when you feel like you can lift 1 plane with only 1 hand and saving everyone's life.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Sea Monster

Our class has been creating some stories about a weird creature that Mr Ford found one a rock when he was just about to dive in, and he shared a story a bout it with the class and took a photo of it. I hope you like it. :)
The mysterious sea monster

Dylan and I were playing at the beach, digging holes, jumping in them and burying ourselves in the sand. It was beautiful day, nothing could ever go wrong I thought as I started running into the sea. But then, suddenly, I caught a glimpse of what looked and might be a fish sitting on a rock. I had to have a closer look.
As I got closer, I got more interested of what it looked and what it might be. Then, I gasped, it was hideous and terrifying.

The eyes were sunken in like it was trying to hide them. They were pitch black and looked freaky, a bit evil too. I looked at it’s opened mouth and I saw some horse like teeth and two razor sharp seal-like teeth. Sharp bony fins poked out of its head looked similar to a mohawk. The creature had boney, brown skin, it was rough and scaly. A rotten smell wifted up my nose. It smelt like something died.

This sea monster swims in the ocean and probably eats people’s heads off and leaves the bones of it’s meal on the ocean floor. When it’s swimming in the water it’s eyes paralyzes it’s prey, then it tears it’s preys flesh off. This creature feeds on divers and fish, it hunts for food at day and night, but mostly at night. The creature assassinates it’s victims and sometimes it’s own kind. Most of the time, these fish have to fight for some land when owned by another. These type of creature live in Napier, Hastings and Auckland waters, it also lives in the atlantic ocean. They like to live in dark under water caves.

I wanted the beast to slither back into the ocean but for some reason it’s just stared at me. I got my dad to look at the creature, but when I got back, it was gone. Then I told my dad I was feeling a bit sick but only because I didn’t want to risk having my arms chomped off by that hideous monster. I had one last look at the ocean, and there it was, the fish with it’s head poking out of the water looking at me from a couple of metres away. After it had it’s last look at me, it swam away, into the depths of the ocean, forever.
For now.........


Friday, 14 March 2014

The Internet

Internet safety is really important. I gathered this information to help you.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hearing poster

I created this poster to tell people to protect their hearing because if they don't they'll end up losing a couple of little hairs on the shell shaped thing inside your ear and eventually become deaf.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Parkvale PRIDE

Here is my tagxedo of Parkvale PRIDE, my tagxedo is of a dinosaur. I hope you like it, if you want to create your own, go onto 
Please comment. :)
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