Friday, 20 June 2014

Room 20 Science Show Reflection

Our class had an assembly item to share with the whole school, and most of the class were dressed up as MAD SCIENTISTS. We put in a lot of work and some of us were nervous and shaky, but then they were relaxed when the hopped off stage.

6TH of June 2014 9:00 in the morning, our class had an assembly item for the school. It was about our universe and how it works. Our class wore their green ties and scientists cloaks. I grasped my scientist goggles and mustache to place on my head and face, then we trotted down to the hall where we rehearsed. We had some accidents with the speakers when Erin spoke through the microphone after Marcus asked the question about “Why do we have day and night”. Then a Fantail came out of nowhere, some of the kids were just staring at the Fantail then the kids up on stage. All the scientists were getting dressed into their cloaks ready for their part, then it was my turn to speak. The question our group chose was ‘why can’t we breathe in space?’.

I was feeling pretty nervous before we started, I was worrying about how I would react when it was my turn to talk in front of the whole school. My heart was beating fast like a cheetah, but then I didn't feel so nervous after I finished my line.

I was happy with my performance because I said my part very well and I didn't mess up or repeat words five times, or more.

I felt so proud of myself after I said my line because I said it clearly and in a loud enough voice. But I was mainly proud of myself because I got to hop off stage and get it done with.

I need to work on talking in front of the audience, looking at up instead of looking down at script but I would look if I forget a word or two, and try not to get so nervous.
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