Tuesday, 17 December 2013


In term 4 I have been creating some drawings of some kids in my class as a random figure, I hope you  like my drawings.


Our class has been creating some Christmas wonderlands for our homework since it is almost Christmas, I hope you like it. :)
Ho ho ho!
What keeping up all the traffic?
What are you staring at?

Monday, 2 December 2013

Zombie Apocalypse #2

Here is a story of a zombie apocalypse and this story is continuing from the end of zombie apocalypse #1 when Elijah, Zach and Tyrone grabbed almost everything in the shop.  I hope you like enjoy the story! :)

Zombie Apocalypse #2

Last time on Zombie Apocalypse #1...
They run into the gun shop and grab everything they can.

“Woah” says Tyrone, “Dibs the M16 and the machete” “I’m gonna get the machete and the ak47u” says Zach, “I’m gonna get the same as Zach” says Elijah. Elijah, Tyrone an Zach walk over to the door and Elijah says “you go first Tyrone,” “No way” replies Tyrone, “In the movies, the first person to leave the room always dies.” “After you Zach” Tyrone says, “Such a nice guy...., wait” says Zach. Suddenly a zombie jumps off the roof and almost bites zach, luckily he moves out of the way and grabs his machete and slices the zombie in half. “Quick, let’s go” He said “before the zombie wakes up” and the three rush down the street. “Don’t look back!” says Tyrone, then Elijah looks back, “Grrrrrrrrrr!” says the zombie. “Ahhhhhhhh” says Elijah, “I looked back!” replies Elijah. Then after 5 minutes of running Zach spots a diner to shoot from and says, “Look over there guys, there's a ladder up to the roof, the zombies will never be able to climb that and plus we would have better aim.” Elijah, Zach and Tyrone climb the ladder and shoot all the zombies.

Tyrone reaches for his pocket, “What are you doing?” says zach, “I’m pulling out my Mum’s phone” replies Tyrone. “When did you do that?” asks Elijah, “When we left my house just for encase if we need it to call someone from another country to help” says Tyrone. “Great thinking Tyrone, but only WE CAN’T BECAUSE EVERYONE’S A ZOMBIE!” says Elijah, “Zombies don’t know how to swim dumb dumb so only the people in the north island of New Zealand are zombies” Zach replies. Tyrone turns on the phone and tries to find someone that isn’t in the north island on  the contacts list, “Aha” Tyrone says, “What is it” Zach asks, “I found someone to contact.” Tyrone clicks on one of the contacts and his brother replied. “Hi Noel” Tyrone says, “Anyway can you....”  5 minutes later... “thanks, see you soon or, later.” “Dumb zombies” Zach says looking on one side of the diner. Suddenly a zombie starts climbing up the wall with an axe on his back, “Rrrrrrrr!” mumbles the zombie, “sorry!” yells Zach.

To be continued...

  • ‘Rrrrrrrrr!’ means “Don’t call us dumb!”


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Avatar

Today our class have been creating some avatars and we have been using some sites like lego mini mizer or Build your wild self, I used lego mini mizer for my avatar.
I am Magician Evil.....        because I am an evil magician!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Triathlon day recount

Last Friday on the 22nd of November the seniors had a Triathlon day and I am doing a recount of team race when my team was doing it. My team is Flin and Dylan. I hope enjoy my recount of triathlon day.

Triathlon Day Recount

“Go” shouts a teacher, and their off. Flin starts biking and everyone are in their positions and  Dylan waits to get high fived on the hand. Flin finds it difficult to come first and is probably tired after 5 minutes. He tags Dylan and he goes into the pool. For a while I thought he would have not finished it and took a long time and I was getting a bit worried but then I saw him and also saw Sam waiting for his partner. ‘Oh no’ I thought in my head, ‘Sams gonna eventually beat me.’ “Come on Dylan!” I yell, and he comes walking to me and tags me to run. I get to the playground and see Zach, and he runs with me after I got past him. “Hey” Zach says,
“what are you doing”
I reply,
“trying to beat you”
Zach replies back.
“Get out”
I say to Zach,
Zach replies.

I keep on running until my good conscience says ‘Don’t look back!’ and my evil conscience says
‘look back!’, I look back and Sam was coming, ‘told you so’ the good conscience replies. I trie to get past Ollie and the girl in front of me, and I beat her but I was far from beating Ollie. I breathe heavily and sounded weird and Elijah running by my side, my legs were getting tired and felt like collapsing onto the grass. I keeped on running and then....                                    Sam ran past me and thought ‘oh man,’ I get to the finish line and say to Teva “You got to the finish line before Sam.” Then I walk over to Elijah and smile, then collapsed onto the grass. lying down on the grass brang my strength back to start walking instead of lying on the grass forever.

“For those who want a swim can you please have it now and then you after the swim you can have your morning tea” says a teacher, “Yah!” I say.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Zombie Apocalypse trailer

Today I have been doing a  trailer for Zombie Apocalypse #1,2 and 3 even though I have done Zombie Apocalypse #1. I hope you enjoy the trailer I created! :)
Zombie apocalypse 1,2 and 3 trailer by Tyrone Harmer on GoAnimate

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Zombie Apocalypse #1

Here is our story about a zombie apocalypse and when I mean our I mean Elijah, Zach and me. I hope you like the story, it's got some jokes, and by some I mean heaps.

Zombie Apocalypse #1

This all started one horrifying night........

Tyrone comes back to his house ready to eat his hotdog he got from Wendy's. Then Tyrone hears a knock and a bang at my door, “Who is it?” He say’s, “It’s me” says a mysterious voice, “Who’s me?” Tyrone replied. “It’s Zach and Elijah” they say, “Well why didn’t you say so,” Tyrone opened the door and Elijah and Zach rushed in and they quickly shut the door. “There’s a horde of zombies outside” Zach says, “Zombies aren't real” Tyrone say’s. Suddenly the zombies smash through the windows. “Hey Dylan come meet our friends” Elijah yells. Dylan comes running in “Hey guys, AHHH! zombies” Dylan yells. “BRAINS” say the zombie’s. They all pile on top of him and Zach, Elijah and Tyrone make their escape. They run out the door when Zach remembered... I forgot to pick up my Subway. ‘Why are you doing that theres more important things to do!” Tyrone says. Zach replied, “I payed 7$ for this! They race down the street “what about Dylan” Zach said. “We will send him a get well soon card” Elijah said.

10 minutes later... “Look” says Zach, “there’s a sewer hole in the road” “so, what about it?” says Tyrone. “It’s open” says Zach, “and..” replies Tyrone, “we can jump in it!” says Zach, “Good Idea”says Elijah. They jump in the hole. Tyrone feels something biting his arm “thats not you're subway Zach” he said. “what?, I  dropped it in the dirt two blocks ago” Zach says feeling confused. Elijah turns on the torch. “Ahh Zombie” He yells. They kick it into the water and it floats away “A BLA Bla BLE BLA BLUUUUU” say the zombie. “Let’s get out of here” Tyrone squeaks. They carry on down the street and pass a gun shop. ‘I wonder if they have guns” Zach says. They run in and grab everything they can.

to be continued...

  • “A BLA Bla BLE BLA BLUUUUU” means “I can’t swim, I can’t swimmmm”
  • Zach, a Pony loving guy.
  • Elijah, a guy who likes chips!



Report on a Wereigator (werewolf alligator)

Werewolf Alligator
This is probably the most terrifying monster you have ever heard of or seen. This monster is part Werewolf and part Alligator, say hello to the Wereigator.

This creature is 2 m and 53 cm tall. It lives in the swamps where it can camouflage in the reeds.The Wereigator has an Alligator head. It has 1 werewolf arm and 1 alligator arm. It also has 2 legs, one is an Alligator and the other is werewolf leg. The tail has scaly skin and fur growing out of it. Its eyes are red and it’s teeth are about 10 cm tall  and approximately 5 cm wide. The Wereigator combines the strength and running of a Werewolf and fast swimming and huge bites of a Alligator. This creature is very rare and there are approximately 37 of them in the world.

Why it Is so terrifying?
This creature is terrifying because can camouflage itself as a log or it could play dead. Imagine a packgregation of Wereigators surrounding your home,dribbling, and getting closer and closer to you to bite your face off!

Now you know what he looks like and can be alert when he appears, and if you're off guard, there is a good chance of you dying.

Packgregation: A pack of werewolves and a congregation of Alligators.
Wereigator: An Alligator and a werewolf hybrid.

Here is the Wereigator:

CREATED BY: Zach and I

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Super hero story #2

Here is my other story of part 2 and Master Tyrone faces droids and working with some mates, what will happen, will the world be destroyed or will it be saved? Please comment. :)
Master Tyrone PART 2:Darth Vader!

Last time on Master Tyrone:
Anakin has captured Tyrone and gets a powerful chemical on him, which turns him into a super hero. “Oh no, the Dark side have taken over Hastings,”  “You can save Hasting Master Tyrone.” Assassin zach throws a sword at Master Tyrone and the rest start shooting.....

Meanwhile in room 16:
“Whoa” I said, “that was a close one.” “I think we have to take off our disguises so they stop shooting at us” said Captain D, “Good Idea” I replied, we take off the stormtrooper disguises and stopped shooting. “Sorry for that, we didn’t know that it was you goodies” said Assassin zach, “I’ll call the boss.” While we were waiting our teacher Mr Moriarty (AKA, Commander B, Commander Brains) came in and apologized for shooting at us, “Here, quickly, come over here to the secret base.” “What base?” said Captain D, “there’s nothing here.” Commander B pulls out a book and a secret elevator appears when the place where the dictionaries get holded get chopped in half. We go into the elevator and see that it was made out of glass because I could see 1/4 of students practising and another quarter playing games that help them to fight to fight. Half of the class were playing a paintball game.”Whoa” I say, “it’s amazing down here.” “Yep” says Commander B, “this  is a place for all pupils to train for a battle and they need to train hard because an army of droids are out there.” “Can me and Master Tyrone go and fight them?” says Captain D, “Yes but you need some reinforcements to help you fight this battle” says Commander B. “Come on out kids,” Iron Josh, Master Zebhdiyah, Assassin zach, Elijah Man, Agent Marcus, Teva-yunda, Cri-Wolf and Thunder skull, “7 kids wanting to help us fight for hastings, it’ll be an awesome fight” I say. “Assassin zach” I say, Assassin zach replies “Yeah”, and I say “Do you have a plan?” Assassin zach thinks for a while and goes, “Ahah!” “What?” says Elijah Man. “Well we’ll.... (they whispered the plan out and all agreed) “Yep” they all said.

“Yoohoo, up here” says Elijah Man who shape shifted into a lady droid, “can you sign my laser gun, oh sorry it’s got the guy next to you’s name on it! Elijah Man shape shifts into a machine gun and Agent Marcus comes out of know where and hops on Elijah Man. The machine gun shoots all the droid but the droidekas are still out but one hit and their bubble will be popped. While they were doing that Thunder skull and Iron Josh were taking out the Vulture droids and they worked pretty well together, Assassin zach and Captain D were taking down Droidekas, storm troopers, Tank and battle droids. I saw a not in one of the droids hands, it read

“Come to your house or let your parents perich, to save them you’ll have to fight me or just walk to your house,, 02.30 pm. Don’t be late,

From your nemesis,

Darth Vader!

“Oh no” said Teva-yunda, “We have to do something.” “We will” I reply, “Teva-yunda, Captain D, Cri-Wolf and Master Zebhdiyah, you’ll be my backup and when I call you come.” Master Tyrone walks home to fight the powerful and mighty Darth Vader, “Hi Master Tyrone” said Darth Vader with a grin on his face not that I can see it but he laughed a bit. “Welcome Master Tyrone.” He pulled a lever and a big see through cylinder glass dropped on me. “I’ll get out of here soon Darth Vader!” I say, and Darth Vader says “Oh really” and I say “Nah not really. 10 minutes later... “Woohoo I’m free!” I shout, then an army of droidekas surround me, “I shouldn’t have shouted it out” I thought. I get handcuffed to a wall in a cell, I use the force to grab my lightsaber and cut the chains off, I call my brother on the walkie talkie. “Hello, is anybody there, I repeat, is anybody there.”

Meanwhile at Mcdonalds....

“Can we all have a um, a kids meal and a um, a chocolate sundae” says Crighton, “That would beeee, $7.99/$8.00” says the register man. “Aren’t you a bit too young to get your own meals kid,” Crighton replied “yes, and I have money, like, about.. $40.” Cha ching, goes the register. Crighton, Zeb, Dylan and Teva walk over to a table to eat their food, watching TV and heard something, “Pickup, pickup, come on, I haven’t got all day.” “I think I heard Tyrone you guys” says Zeb, “Nah, it was just the TV”says Dylan.  I shout out at Dylan and he say “Hi brother, have you finished Dath vuder yet”, “It’s pronounced Darth Vader” I say.” “Yeah right” Dylan replies, then I say “any way, I need backup, Ok, back up” The guys go into the toilets and get quickly changed into super heroes, well not super heroes, but more like super kids.They followed Dylan because he was the only one out of the 3 counting himself which is 4 who knew how to get to his house. Master Tyrone and Darth Vader here something, “Someones knocking on the door” says one of the security droids, the security droids look at the door. Suddenly  Captain D smashes a wall to get in, “Why did you go through wall?” I say, Captain D replies “It’s called making an entrance” and Master Zebhdiyah replies “no its not.” “Lets just fight some droids, save Master Tyrone ” says Cri-Wolf, 20 minutes later... “Yay we finally defeated the baddies and no more destruction, woohoo” says the whole group. “The war isn’t over” I say, “More bad guys might be roaming the city and we don’t know when they will ever stop, war has just begun.”

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