Tuesday, 8 July 2014

LEGO MOVIE snapshot

This is my snapshot, from the holidays. I watched the Lego Movie and some of  the  parts were just sad and funny. Hope you enjoy reading it! :)

The lights turn off instantly, the room gets darker, and darker. Then suddenly a giant rectangular screen light up, and the movie begins. The start of the movie was looking pretty interesting when Lord Bussines bowled down the door  and had a robot shoot Vitruvius in the eyes and stole the Kragle (glue). Lord Business says “You’ve hidden the kragle well, old man” smirking in his face. “There is a prophecy” says Vitruvius, “Now there’s a prophecy!” replies Lord B  “Someone by the colour of yellow” Vitruvius says again..........       Lord B kicked Vitruvius off the cliff instantly after that whole bla bla bla incident. I thought it was funny watching Vitruvius fall.

In the construction part of the city, the construction workers were hopping into their vehicles and destroying heaps of buildings after a guy calls out, “SMASH EVERYTHING WEIRD”. I didn't know why they had to smash down the buildings but it was just weird.  After that they started singing a song that involved everything is awesome. Emmett says “Everything awesome, everything is cool with the part of the team, everything is awseoooooooome, when we’re living our dream. I could sing this for five hours....           5 HOURS LATER....      ....Everything is awesome”. The song was a bit catchy, but I didn’t sing it during the movie.

Emmett found the Piece Of Resistance after falling into a hole and found himself in a room with Bad Cop. Emmett asks “Isn’t there supposed to be a good cop because I watched a cop movie and there’s always a good cop”, Then bad cop switches to good cop “Hello, I’m your friendly neighbor, would you like a drink of water?” replies Good Cop. “Yes please?” says Emmett, “Well too bad” says Bad cop he replied as he through the cup away.

While I was watching the movie Wyldstyl and Emmett go through a portal that leads to the old WILD WEST..  Emmett was acting funny when he said “I’m a cowboy” and I cracked up at that moment when everyone turned silent. Then I saw what  Emmett’s mind looked like, his mind was just a dessert and he thought of a double deckered couch that appeared out of nowhere and Vitruvius said, “That’s the dumbest idea I have ever seen”. After that a cowbot knocked on the door and the three escaped from the trap door in the roof and a whole army of robots were waiting outside!

Mum was crying a little at a some of the parts like when Emmett purposely fell out of the window and woke up in another dimension, and by another dimension I mean in a basement full of everything in LEGO city. At that very time a kid found him on the floor and his dad came in. The dad says “what, what happened here” and the kid replies
machines lego people built and Metal Beard, Wyldstyl, Unikitty and the 1980’s space guy were surrounded by the black cubed robots.

The ending came and Emmett becomes a Master builder, saves all of LEGO City and builds a giant construction-bot the destroy those robots. I thought the movie until some lego duplo characters enter the scene and say “We are lego duplo and we are here to destroy you”.

Then the movie ended and room lit up with light. People started leaving the theatre. “That was a great movie” says Mum, “I couldn’t agree more” I reply.....   but I really need to go to the mens room so, see ya.
The Kragle

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