Tuesday, 17 December 2013


In term 4 I have been creating some drawings of some kids in my class as a random figure, I hope you  like my drawings.


Our class has been creating some Christmas wonderlands for our homework since it is almost Christmas, I hope you like it. :)
Ho ho ho!
What keeping up all the traffic?
What are you staring at?

Monday, 2 December 2013

Zombie Apocalypse #2

Here is a story of a zombie apocalypse and this story is continuing from the end of zombie apocalypse #1 when Elijah, Zach and Tyrone grabbed almost everything in the shop.  I hope you like enjoy the story! :)

Zombie Apocalypse #2

Last time on Zombie Apocalypse #1...
They run into the gun shop and grab everything they can.

“Woah” says Tyrone, “Dibs the M16 and the machete” “I’m gonna get the machete and the ak47u” says Zach, “I’m gonna get the same as Zach” says Elijah. Elijah, Tyrone an Zach walk over to the door and Elijah says “you go first Tyrone,” “No way” replies Tyrone, “In the movies, the first person to leave the room always dies.” “After you Zach” Tyrone says, “Such a nice guy...., wait” says Zach. Suddenly a zombie jumps off the roof and almost bites zach, luckily he moves out of the way and grabs his machete and slices the zombie in half. “Quick, let’s go” He said “before the zombie wakes up” and the three rush down the street. “Don’t look back!” says Tyrone, then Elijah looks back, “Grrrrrrrrrr!” says the zombie. “Ahhhhhhhh” says Elijah, “I looked back!” replies Elijah. Then after 5 minutes of running Zach spots a diner to shoot from and says, “Look over there guys, there's a ladder up to the roof, the zombies will never be able to climb that and plus we would have better aim.” Elijah, Zach and Tyrone climb the ladder and shoot all the zombies.

Tyrone reaches for his pocket, “What are you doing?” says zach, “I’m pulling out my Mum’s phone” replies Tyrone. “When did you do that?” asks Elijah, “When we left my house just for encase if we need it to call someone from another country to help” says Tyrone. “Great thinking Tyrone, but only WE CAN’T BECAUSE EVERYONE’S A ZOMBIE!” says Elijah, “Zombies don’t know how to swim dumb dumb so only the people in the north island of New Zealand are zombies” Zach replies. Tyrone turns on the phone and tries to find someone that isn’t in the north island on  the contacts list, “Aha” Tyrone says, “What is it” Zach asks, “I found someone to contact.” Tyrone clicks on one of the contacts and his brother replied. “Hi Noel” Tyrone says, “Anyway can you....”  5 minutes later... “thanks, see you soon or, later.” “Dumb zombies” Zach says looking on one side of the diner. Suddenly a zombie starts climbing up the wall with an axe on his back, “Rrrrrrrr!” mumbles the zombie, “sorry!” yells Zach.

To be continued...

  • ‘Rrrrrrrrr!’ means “Don’t call us dumb!”

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