Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Science:Does air have weight?

On the 29/10/13 our class did a science experiment on air and if it has a weight and it does. This is something on how air does have weight.  Hope you enjoy reading this. :)

Does air have weight?

Equipment: Ruler
                   2 newspapers, or one

Prediction: Q. Does air have weight?
No, air does not have weight because if it did, we would be carrying air.
A. Air does have weight, it weighs 15 pounds per square inch.

Observe: When Ollie karate chopped the ruler it didn’t break because nothing was on the end of it, Mr M got a piece of newspaper and scrunched it up and placed it on the ruler. This time the when Ollie karate chopped the ruler the ruler did not snap but the scrunched newspaper went into the air and floated down in 5 seconds. Mr M got newspaper and instead of screwing it up, he flattened it and placed it on top of the ruler. Now when Ollie karate chopped the ruler it snapped, why you say, well if you want to now read my explanation below.

Explain: The ruler broke because Mr M had flattened the newspaper , and while he was doing that air was coming out causing the air to push down onto the newspaper and the ruler would eventually break or snap. This sometimes failed because the newspaper wasn’t flattened enough.

Whoa, fascinating.

Fire the catapult!

My report by Tyrone

This is my report on this year in room 16 as a year 5, I hope you enjoy reading it.  :)

My year so far in Room 16 by Tyrone

My favourite thing about being in Room 16 in 2013 is that I’m in a computer class and that I can share stuff on my blog and they can comment about it.

Something I would like to do in term four is make lego comics about the room 16 superhero stories  with Lego digital designer and Comic life.

Something I would like to do next year is play rugby?

My dream job would be to be in the army.


The best thing about reading so far this year is actively learn.

The best thing I read this year was Dead Harry. I enjoyed it because it sounded fun and  it had a lot of action. The funny thing was when a teacher said “Have a nice barbeque kids” when a fire was happening.

This is my favourite reading blog post that I created. I chose it because it was my second reading blog post I think and it’s very interesting how the whale got born.

This is my favourite reading post from someone else. I think it is awesome because it had the part when Thunder skull sacrificed his life to save the others and then at the end the team heard a mysterious voice. I really want to see what happens next.

The best thing about maths so far this year is power lines when you can try and figure out the questions.

I was most proud of learning how to do area and perimeter. I was proud because I didn’t know how to do area and perimeter and it was fun learning this.

This is my favourite maths blog post that I created. I chose it because it looks cool and it was fun hiding Mr M and Marcus trying to find it.

This is my favourite maths post from someone else. I think it is awesome because he has done some really good work on hiding Mr M too, I also like how Marcus drew the island as a creeper face

I am really good power lines phase 1 but I forget the the answers to the questions.
I want to get better at doing times tables quicker in my head.


The best thing about writing so far this year is that you can make up stories about our super hero and the other room 16 superheroes.

I was most proud of learning how to write cool stories. I was proud because it was pretty cool and I could imagine it in my head while I was writing it.

This is my favourite writing blog post that I created. I chose it because I had really fun writing it and that it had some

This is my favourite writing post from someone else. I think it is awesome because it had some funny things that happened in the story and it Inderpreet put in a cool bad guy and he had a cool name too.

I am really good at writing stories with made up creations or something?
I want to get better at writing stories.
Integrated Topic

My favourite part of topic has been drawing a coat of arms.  I enjoyed it because I got to draw some stuff and a shield and I enjoyed making it.

This is my favourite topic blog post that I created. I chose it because I really like the drawing of the video game controllers, the gun and the grenade.

This is my favourite topic post from someone else. I think it is awesome because he drawed a pretty cool NZ flag and he told what the drawings were of.

School Involvement
How I Have Shown PRIDE

Personal  Best: Trying my best at Multiplication grand prix.
Respect and Responsibility: Taking care of my dog and respecting how he gets dirty after he gets cleaned but maybe hes just doing that to get dried off because he's wet.
Integrity: Trying to win a game of multiplication grand prix and in the end as I come 1st-last.
Determination: Winning a game like netball dodgeball.

Enjoyment: Enjoying a game of netball dodgeball even though I lose.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Science experiment:air exists

On Monday 21st of October we did an science experiment on air and how it exists. Here is something our class did to prove air exists. I hope you have fun doing this science experiment! :)


Equipment:  Container  filled with H20 (water)
                    Paper towel

Predict: Will the paper stay dry? I think the paper won’t stay dry. Why? Because the paper will be in the bucket.

Observe: The paper was screwed up a bit and it got put in a jar and the person holding the jar would quickly tip the jar into the water upside down. When he brang it back up, the paper didn’t fall out and it was totally dry.

Explain: The paper was dry because the paper was touching the edges of the jar from the inside causing it to not fall out of the jar and how the paper was touching the edges were because you screwed it up a bit, but if you screwed it up heaps, it would fall out. Also, if you hadn't of quickly tipped the jar into the water upside down, water would have got into the jar causing the paper to get wet.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Collage and Dot art

Last week I started on my dot art, I chose my dot art as my Calender art because it looked cool and I really enjoyed making the collage art because I got to cut out stuff from magazines or paper on colored paper.
I'm evil. 
Turn that frown, upside down.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Holiday Highlights 1

Today our class has been writing about the school holidays and we might have some picture, but I have heaps of them under neath all the writing. I hope you have fun reading this. :)


When we get to Laser-Force we run inside and go walk up to the counter. Mum paid about $149 I think, it was our turn next and we got our suits on but we did not have even teams. It was 5 against 4, Elijah, Zeb and Zach were on my team and Ethan, Ben, Cam and Aidan were on Dylan's Team. All of us split up and hide, when the music started I shot a couple of people and then they shot me. Zeb was walking with me and I tried to walk up stairs but I couldn't. Ethan shot me 4 times when I was standing still and trying to shoot him, Elijah was hiding somewhere and Zach was camping. I walked up stairs and shot Dylan, Ben, Aidan and Zeb helped me, but then we had to retreat because they were walking up. When we finished we took off the armor and walked up to the machine that shows who won and the red team won because they had the most people. We played on the arcade machines, I played ‘Metal Slug’ and it was 2 player so I asked if Elijah wanted to play and he said yes.
I chose 1 boy and Elijah chose a boy. When it started we shot the first bad guys we saw and when we met the first BOSS I throw grenades and then I ran out. The next BOSS was a helicopter and it had a machine gun and we had to up to get it but if we stayed in the same area we would dye. We killed the helicopter 4 times because we died.

In the 3rd round we were facing little kids and two adults and 1 teenager“Come on red team” I say, “we need to get up onto the upper floor before the green team come.” All of the red team (except for Zeb because he put on a green suit) were upstairs and we waited for the green team to come.  10 minutes later.....   “Oh now they come” I said, the music starts and the green team are somewhere where we can’t shoot them. Some people were coming up but we shot them and they went back to cover, “Elijah and Dylan, can you please cover me while I go down stairs with Ben” I say. I hid behind a wall and shot 2 kids, then I saw Ben and told him to come over here. After a while I bunch of kids were going to go down stairs but Elijah and Dylan weren't there to shoot them so me and Ben shot them our selves and they ran or walked away so we won’t shoot them again. I walked up to Zeb and he shot me and I ran to cover. I shot little kids who were walking almost anywhere. Then the game was over and I noticed it was over because it said Game over man, Game over. Then we hopped in the car and got home. Then we had a war......

To be continued.....
Pictures from laser force:
So, thirsty, must, have, drink....
The evil looking red team. >:)
The happy green team. :)
"I'm ready to go out to war" (Loading gun)
"Keep your eye on the ball"
What you looking at?
"I need some help with this"

Monday, 14 October 2013

Optimist yachting 4

Today we were kayaking with room 20 and the wind was pretty strong to kayak in, I have created an ptimist yachting and kayaking reflection. I've also created a taxedo of my reflection. Please comment. :)

Reflection for Yachting/Kayaking:Day 4

Something I was pleased with was how nobody tipped their kayaks over and fall into the water because if they did tip their kayaks they would need help to get land.
I really enjoyed learning how to push my kayak into the water because I would get stuck on land and get back into the water.

Something I found hard was controlling the main sheet because it would sometimes come off and we almost sank our yacht!
Something that made me think was which way to paddle on the kayak because I would have to paddle right to go left and left to go right.
Something I want to get better at is kayaking. (What can I do about it?) Paddle strong and rest my legs and arms when tired.
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