Friday, 7 November 2014

Why you should buy a dog

Most kids and parents have pets, some of them have cats, rats, parrots and maybe even chinchillas. I think dogs are the best because they’re really fun, easy to look after and they’ve got lots of personalities. Dogs can be full of energy most of time, you can even train them to do awesome tricks. After you read this, you’ll not only want a dog, you’ll own one.

Dogs can be really playful and pumped up, you can play fetch with them and chase them around the field or backyard. When you come back home from school, they’ll be wagging their tails ready to play. When mum says you have to go outside, you can play with your dog/s.  If you're lying on the ground bored out of your mind, your dog is always there to comfort you. In your spare time, you could try teaching it how to do some tricks like roll over,  high five, and maybe a backflip if it’s really talented.

Secondly, dogs are easy to look after. You only have feed them about 3-4 biscuits every morning and afternoon, it really depends on what dog you have. Dogs can be  full of lots of energy  but at the end of day they're just a lazy  pile of fur. If your dog gets thirsty, all you have to do is either grab a dog bowl or a bucket and fill it with water. But if you use a bucket, make sure to clean it before pouring water into it. And if you run out of dog biscuits, you can buy a new big bag of dog biscuits about $39 or higher.

Lastly, dogs can have lots of personalities. If you're feeling down, your dog will lick your knee or face and cheer right you up. Sometimes they won’t be there to cheer  you up, but I reckon they’ll be there. They always keep you company and some dogs can be really protective like a guard dog for example (If you don’t crave a burglar alarm, your dog can be one.) If you have two dogs, they’ll keep each other company. If there female, and male, you could have puppies and those puppies will turn into dogs. Then you could probably sell them for money, or keep them to make more baby puppies.

Some people wouldn’t like or want a dog because they poop everywhere, they leave their muddy trails on the floor. But most dogs poop on the grass in one area and they won’t come into the house if you close the door.

So now you have it, now you know dogs are the best. Dogs can really build up a bond with the owner and fill him or her with joy. If I were you I would buy a dog maybe now or tomorrow if you have the money.

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