Wednesday, 16 April 2014

3D shapes (Area & Perimeter)

Our class created these 3D shapes that contains 20 cubes.
Mr Ford asked us to find out how much paper we would need to wrap up the cubes.

Volume = 20 cm cubed
2 wide x 5 long x 2 high= 20

2x5=10 for each side.
2x2=4 for each end.
So the total area = 48 cm squares

It's Not Easy Being A Cushion

Our class has been creating some poems about an object they've chosen, and we write how they feel if they were that  object. I hope you like my work. :)
It’s Not Easy Being A Cushion

It’s not easy being a cushion,
everyone sits on me every school week
Dirty fingers touching me,
leaving grease, sand and dirt behind.

I wish I could talk but for some reason I can’t
being only one shape for the rest of my life,
I hate the colour I am at the moment,
It’s hard to breath when I have no mouth or nose.
When school is over, I get left on the floor or usually somewhere up high
does nobody know I’m afraid of heights?

Sometimes I’m a chew toy for dogs,
and a disc for older kids to throw in the air.
When I get spinned around I get a bit sick and turn green, but only in my mind.
I wish kids and adults wouldn’t sit on me and squash me all the time.

It’s not easy being a cushion :’(  

Human Emotions

Our class has created a document about human emotions, we write about 5 or 7 emotions. I hope you like it. :)

Human Emotions

Words:Annoyed, Angry, Sad, Happy and Strong
Annoyed is like,
when someone copys what you say for the rest of your entire life.

Angry is like,
a bomb setting off in 3 seconds.

Sad is like,
Waiting for a game you bought offline and it never got delivered and you paid $50.00 for it.

Happy is like,
you winning the lotto and got paid twice the amount of money you got paid.

Strong is like,
when you feel like you can lift 1 plane with only 1 hand and saving everyone's life.
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