Friday, 22 August 2014

The Production

Production Reflection
On 27th of August 2014 Nga Rakau Nui is performing a production in the hall at half past 6. Room 20’s and 11’s production is about how Te Mata Peak was formed.

I am feeling pretty nervous about the production because I may mess up when I’m acting to Kotahitanga.

I am worried about how I will act when it’s just my turn to talk.

I am feeling confident about standing in the front of the carvers and practising in front of some people will make me more confident.

I am excited about doing Kotahitanga with a patu (cardboard) and watching Rongokako die at the end of our production.

I still need to work on saying “Kiora, we are the carvers the makers of tools for hunting and warfare” a bit louder and with more expression.

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