Friday, 20 September 2013

Optimist Yachting 3

Here is my  reflection of day 3 and I have created a lego yacht with 3 people in it, the one with the black hood is me, the one in the green cap is Elijah and the one with black hair is Shivom. I hope you like it! Please comment. :)

Reflection for Yachting/Kayaking reflection: Day 3
Something I was pleased with was that people participated and didn’t lose their paddles in kayaking because if they didn’t participate they WILL lose their paddle.
I really enjoyed learning how to steer the yacht with the rudder because it was fun to steer and I knew how to tack.

Something I found hard was kayaking in a double because I would get a sore back and my legs would get tired.
Something that made me think was which way to turn when it was my turn to do the rudder because I would need to know to tack, or turn left or right, or, just make the rudder go straight.

Something I want to get better at is controlling the main sheet.(What can I do about it?) Let someone else do the main sheet?
Yachting boat made by me
                                                                     Lego Tyrone
                                                                    Lego Shivom
                                                                        Lego Elijah

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Optimist yachting 2

Here is my second reflection of optimist yachting and kayaking and it was a bit windy,  but at least I had fun. I created a Taxedo of my reflection on Tagxedo - Creator. Hope you enjoy my reflection and taxedo! Please comment. :)

Reflection for Yachting/Kayaking:Day 2
Something I was pleased with was how nobody fell out of their yacht in the windy wind because if they did they will get cold and will be unable to kayak.
I really enjoyed learning how to go under the bridge without snapping the end of the paddle because if I didn’t learn it I would have broken the paddle!

Something I found hard was balancing the boat because the wind was tipping the boat and making it go all crazy and the boat went fast when I loosened the main sheet.
Something that made me think was kayaking because I would need to know which way to left and right backwards and forwards.
Something I want to get better at is paddling faster. (What can I do about it?)  Put my back into it?

Optimist Yachting

Here is my Optimist Yachting and kayaking reflection of day 1 and I also created a Go Animate video, I had fun riding the yacht and kayaking. Please comment. :)

Reflection for Yachting/Kayaking: Day 1
Something I was pleased with was how people didn’t sink their boats because if they did it would cost maybe $100.                       
I really enjoyed learning how to capsize and steer the boat while someone moves the main sheet. I really enjoyed steering the yacht because it was fun and amazing, I really liked capsizing because it was scary and cool.

Something I found hard was controlling the main sheet because I would have to loosen or tighten the rope so we wouldn't crash into the people who were kayaking.
Something that made me think was watching were the sail/main sheet was heading because it would hit my head and I did not want to end up unconscious.

Something I want to get better at is controlling the sail. (What can I do about it?) Maybe when I need to go fast tighten the rope and when I need to slow down loosen the rope?

Optimist Yachting by Tyrone Harmer on GoAnimate

Friday, 13 September 2013

Super hero story #1

Here is my story about Master Tyrone how he turns into his super hero and tries to take his home back from the Dark side, hope you like it! Please comment. :)

Master Tyrone PART 1:In the beginning

In the town called Hastings, a boy named Tyrone was playing on the Wii Nintendo. When suddenly I felt a big breeze and didn't know where it was coming from because nothing could make a big cold wind on a sunny day, then I saw an alien warship hiding under an invisible cloak on the big field. I ran to the ship and Darth Vader was in it with some super battle droids. He saw me and captured me, bringing on board on his intergalactic warship. He knocked me out so I couldn't find my way back to planet earth, while I was knocked out I was dreaming of something weird like Master Yoda saying “use the force young padawan.” He brings me to this place called the Death Star, a medical robot was sitting on a chair and pulled out a laser gun and was going to cut me into pieces. I quickly kicked the robot, but some chemicals fell on me. BOOM! I turned into a Jedi, well maybe a padawan but I could use the force, I stole a light saber and chose green but the medic robot got up and called backup. I destroyed the medic and ran for a ship, heaps of storm troopers were on my tail. I hopped into a X1 - fighter and shot a pile of droids. I flew back to earth and tried to figure out how to get back to normal, “Aha,” I make a ‘T’ out of my body and boom I’m back to normal. “Finally, I am back to young self.

‘Meanwhile on the Death Star.....’
“How did he get away!” said Darth Vader, the battle droid commander says “He got a chemical tipped on him when he kicked the medic sir.” “Well, find him and make sure he doesn't ruin my plan because if there is a hero than he’ll make it hard to destroy planet earth!” says Darth Vader. The droid replies, “Why don’t we destroy his home and then his home’s home (NZ), and then destroy the home’s, home’s home” (which is the earth).“Then he’ll have nothing to fight for, muay, ha, ha, ha haaaaa!” says Darth Vader while laughing. “Get the storm troopers and the droids, quickly,” “But which droids” said the battle droid commander?” “All of them, the super battle droids, the battle droids, the vulture droids, the droidekas, the tank droids and the battle droid commanders (battle droids, more experienced.) They all flew down in a galactic ship down to earth, they landed on the road next to ‘Parkvale Motors’.

“Where is this so called Master Tyrone,” said the battle droid, “In Hastings” replied the battle droid commander. They searched every and sent battle droids to look in parkvale school, they sent droidekas to help the battle droids and some of them went to look down streets. Vulture droids were in the sky and on the ground, the whole place was nearly secure. The tank droids were exploding stuff like the BP station and the road and the storm troopers were walking around peoples property. “Oh no,” I said to myself, “I should be out there fighting all those droids.” Then suddenly an idea popped in my head, I should go to the school but I would need a costume and I might need Dylan (AKA, Captain D. Two storm trooper were walking by and I had an idea. I made a T with my body and turned into Master Tyrone, I told Dylan the plan and he agreed. Dylan turned into Captain D and I turned into Master Tyrone by making a T. We knocked out 1 storm trooper each and put the uniform on. The storm troopers were wearing black undies with the Death Star on them. Captain D and I were walking by the school when suddenly battle droids, commanders,  tank droids and droidekas were waiting outside the classroom known as room 16. I was walking in when a battle droid said “Don’t walk in because you’ll get fired at,” “don’t worry I have a um, button on my walkie-talkie that activates a bubble” I said. Captain D and I walked in when suddenly Assassin zach through a sword and then all the kids in room 16 used all their weapons like lasers, a bomb, the force, cannons, super strength and lightning.

To be continued.....

Monday, 2 September 2013

Spreadsheet of our classes basic fact result

Today room 16 has been working on there maths and doing stage 5 and 6. We were doing 1 to 25 and what we got out of 25 times by 4. Then when we found the answer to something times 4 and that was the percentage.

Class score

Day   Score    %
1         23       92
2         23       92
3         24       96
4         23       92
5         23       92
6         20       80
7         23       92
8         23       92
9         22       88
10       21       84

% total = 900 Score total = 225
900 divided by 10= 90%
                                                                                                        Average %
                                                                                                        225 divided by 10= 22. 5
My scores                                                                                        Average score

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