Monday, 29 July 2013

Twin battle of cuteness!!

Here is a video of me and Dylan fighting on the bed, I don't know why but it looks pretty cute. By the way, the baby with rough hair and angry face is Dylan and the baby that's laughing is me (Tyrone). Also my sister (Faith) is videoing the video. I won the battle also! I hope you like the video of me and Dylan, Enjoy!
                                                                    Twins battle 1  

twins2 from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.
A new hero will rise and take his spot on the bed of destiny, the fist baby to ever take his place on the bed was Tyrone Harmer.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Limerick poem

The singer By Tyrone Harmer and Elijah Casson

This poem is a limerick. It is meant to be funny. Did you notice the rhyming patterns? Lines 1,2 & 5 rhyme. Lines 3 & 4 rhyme also.

1. A singer stepped up onto the stand,
2. He sang so good he joined a band,
3. They went to the beach
4. Saw an old peach
5. and their car got stuck in the sand.

Beans moment

Here is my beans moment in Waipukurau, I hope you like my Beans moment story of when I was about 7 years old. 

Beans Moment (Energy)
WALT choose words that describe a moment for the reader

  • begin in the action
  • present tense (I am, not I was)
  • short, sharp sentences
  • uses the senses (smell, taste, look, hear, touch)
  • strong verbs

On a wondrous and muddy Saturday I went to Waipukurau and our Coach said that we had to save our energy.

I was about 7 years old when this happened. We played about 7 teams and lost 3 games I think?

Some of the games were tough and 2 teams were little. We all had mud all over us after the first game.

Tyreese dived and had great tackles around the legs. We all had a great time and when we were facing this big team taller than us, I tackled 2 people and one of them were taller than me and the other was about 7 centimeters taller.

He cried for a little and had to toughen up.I got a sausage in a bread and it costed $1.50, it smelt really good and there sodas, cookie times.

We all went to face the kids that were bigger than all my team and even Rashaan.

He wanted to help us and he did, a tiny bit. Otane (which is our team) had to face them again!!!!

We lost against them 2 times and we also lost against the other team but at least we all tried our best and had fun.

I don’t really know all the teams names because that was in 21/9/11.
When it was Otane's 5TH game we all jogged out onto the field, I always stayed behind in all the games and waited for Tyreese to kick the ball and we all chased it.

Tyreese, Ollie, Dylan, Gabriel, Rashaan, Grant, Zachary, Jonty And I really did some great teamwork.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Kereru/NZ wood pigeon report

Here is my Kereru report, I did this report in kereru. If you want know some facts about kereru you can read this and you'll know how to save this spectacular creature, the kereru. There are some sights to look at for more details and facts. Enjoy reading this report!!
The Amazing NZ wood pigeon

The NZ wood pigeon (Kereru in te reo Maori) are spectacular creatures. You might think they just fly around and eat food from our national trees but no, there’s more to Kereru than just that! Kereru  fly up to 50 km in search for food. Kereru are special to our national trees and you’ll see why in the facts soon on Life cycle. Kereru can live up to 20 years and some people think it’s alright to eat them! Read this report to find out more about this amazing bird that flies in the air.

Red beak. Red, white,blue and green feathers. Claws are red and it’s eyes are reddish. Also it looks like a pigeon (It is a pigeon, New Zealand wood pigeon). The biggest pigeon (also bird) in the entire WORLD!!!!
It lives in New Zealand and where they live are Kaitawa, NZ forests, parks, gardens and the forests of Northland. Kowhai tree, Tawa, Tariri, Karaka, Kohekohe, Nikau, Miro, Pigeonwood, Titoki, Supplejack, Kahikatea,  and Puriri trees. Mainly all kereru live in forests.
What they eat:
Kereru eat leaves, flowers, berries, and fruit of all the many, native and introduced trees New Zealand. Oh and also they eat some of the food off Shrubs. Their favourite food is small fruit, shoots, leaves (already said) and buds.
People that try to eat them for their feathers and meat. Windows are also their threat, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!! Windows are threats to kereru because they get killed or injured when flying into them! Possums are a threat to Kereru too, they eat baby kereru and eggs when they haven't even got a chance to be an adult!! .Cars are one of the other threats when people don’t watch where they’re going!! The biggest, threat, ever, is.........
PEOPLE DESTROYING THEIR HABITAT!!! What I mean is that some people are cutting down NZ’s trees and without trees, there’ll be nowhere for the Kereru to live. The loss of their habitat (home) has been from  Kereru falling off trees with food when getting cut down by chainsaws.
Bird Types in NZ:
Tui, Riroriro, Kakariki, bellbird, NZ falcon, Blue duck, Kiwi, Kakapo, Morepork, Kokaka and Long-tailed Cuckoo are all endemic. Theres more so if you want to see more types of birds in NZ like the Kaka ( or the others you can look here at Native birds of the NZ forests.
Kereru can fly up to 50km in search for food.  
Life cycle:
Female Kereru has one egg per nest. Kereru eat seeds, spreading them by POO helping our native and introduced trees.The mother and father kereru take turns at sitting on the egg for 30 days!!! Kereru eat between 60 to 70 native tree food varieties. After the baby kereru receiving so much love and care, many kereru eggs and chicks do not live because of the possums and other animals. Possums and rats, occasionally stoats and cats who invade, attack, inroad and foray nests, killing them!!! Young Kereru are lucky enough to survive and are already leaving the nest after six weeks has past. Kereru can live up to 20 years, that's not so long.
Did you know?:
Did you know that Kereru are the largest pigeons in the entire world!! Did you know that Kereru are 650g and 51cms long. Did you know that Kereru are birds of the lowland forests, and forest margins. Did you know they make a slightly “coo” noise, you are most likely to see a Kereru because of it’s “whooshing” sound their wings make when flying. Kereru are our the only surviving bird since the moa with it’s beak that can open wide enough to to gulp down native fruits more than 12 millimetres in diameter, such as the Tawa tree, taraire and karaka tree.

If YOU want to learn more, go to,,, or Now you can save our native bird from getting killed by people, possums,maybe stoat and maybe ferrets? Thanks for reading this report about Kereru!
This is the end of the report I hope you had fun reading my report about the kereru.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Book character costume

Here is my Tintin costume of The adventures of Tintin the book. I had fun making my costume but I didn't really make, I just got things at the store and yeah. I had to use hair spray to make my hair orange, my normal hair color is black, brown or blackish and brownish. My brother dressed up Captain Haddock from  The adventures of Tintin. By the way, Dylan's Haddock (short for Captain Haddock) and I am Tintin. Here are the images.

                                                       Image of Tintin and Captain Haddock
                                                             Tintin and Captain Haddock

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