Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Sea Monster

Our class has been creating some stories about a weird creature that Mr Ford found one a rock when he was just about to dive in, and he shared a story a bout it with the class and took a photo of it. I hope you like it. :)
The mysterious sea monster

Dylan and I were playing at the beach, digging holes, jumping in them and burying ourselves in the sand. It was beautiful day, nothing could ever go wrong I thought as I started running into the sea. But then, suddenly, I caught a glimpse of what looked and might be a fish sitting on a rock. I had to have a closer look.
As I got closer, I got more interested of what it looked and what it might be. Then, I gasped, it was hideous and terrifying.

The eyes were sunken in like it was trying to hide them. They were pitch black and looked freaky, a bit evil too. I looked at it’s opened mouth and I saw some horse like teeth and two razor sharp seal-like teeth. Sharp bony fins poked out of its head looked similar to a mohawk. The creature had boney, brown skin, it was rough and scaly. A rotten smell wifted up my nose. It smelt like something died.

This sea monster swims in the ocean and probably eats people’s heads off and leaves the bones of it’s meal on the ocean floor. When it’s swimming in the water it’s eyes paralyzes it’s prey, then it tears it’s preys flesh off. This creature feeds on divers and fish, it hunts for food at day and night, but mostly at night. The creature assassinates it’s victims and sometimes it’s own kind. Most of the time, these fish have to fight for some land when owned by another. These type of creature live in Napier, Hastings and Auckland waters, it also lives in the atlantic ocean. They like to live in dark under water caves.

I wanted the beast to slither back into the ocean but for some reason it’s just stared at me. I got my dad to look at the creature, but when I got back, it was gone. Then I told my dad I was feeling a bit sick but only because I didn’t want to risk having my arms chomped off by that hideous monster. I had one last look at the ocean, and there it was, the fish with it’s head poking out of the water looking at me from a couple of metres away. After it had it’s last look at me, it swam away, into the depths of the ocean, forever.
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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Internet

Internet safety is really important. I gathered this information to help you.
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