Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Reflection

Here is my May reflection of May, Reading, Maths, Art, Topic, something from PRIDE, Writing, PE/fitness and what might happen at camp. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Friendship quote

Here is my Friendship Quote that I painted by brush and hand, also I made a vocaroo voice of the friendship quote. Hope you like it!

Record music with Vocaroo >>

My name creature

Here is my name creature that I created, this was an activity that all of room 16 did with Mrs O'Kane. Anyway when you look on the side of my drawing you will see my name on both sides of the paper, hope you like it!

Instructions on How to survive on the bush

Here is my Instructions on how to survive in the bush and the safety code is Plan your trip, Tell someone, Be aware of the weather, Know your limits and Take sufficient supplies.

Instructions on How to be safe on the bush

The New Zealand bush is a great place to explore. To have fun you also have to be aware of dangers. Here are my instructions to have fun and be safe.

Step 1. Planning your Trip
Tell to yourself, have I got the right gear? Do I know where I’m going, have I checked how the weather is going be? Do I know how long it will take to get to the location, have I packed a shelter or tent for incase if it does rain? Have I got permission to be on that land, but remember, a good camp is a fun camp!

Step 2.Tell someone
Your safety is your responsibility so tell someone (a person that you trust) your plans for the trip and put a date for when to raise the alarm if someone from your group hasn't

Step 3.Be aware of the weather
New Zealand's weather can be hard to notice if you haven’t checked the forecast, so check it and believe that the weather will change. Build a shelter near if you think the weather is going turn bad

Step 4.Know your limit
Make sure you know how far you're going to walk, bike or run because if you run, bike or walk too far you’ll end up breathless. Ask your group if there up to this level or if they have any medical conditions.

Step 5.Take sufficient supplies
If you don’t take sufficient supplies things can go to amazing to worst. Pack an aid packet for in case if someone gets injured or has a bad cold.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Missing poster

Here is my missing poster and the if you want to know who's missing read it or just look at the picture.
Hope you like it, please comment.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My 3D shape

Here is my shape that I made with my buddy Cameron. I made this with blue tac and sticks. It has 8 corners, 6 faces and 12 edges  (Faces+Corners- 2=edges) Hope you like it, please comment!!!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Interview of term 1

Audio recording >>

Reflection script

Tyrone: What was your favorite thing you did this term Zach?
Zach: My favorite thing I did this term Tyrone was drawing the legend of Te Mata because first we had to draw the legend and then coloring  it in then dying the background.

Zach: What was your favorite thing you did this term Tyrone?
Tyrone: My favourite thing I did this term was creating my map because I got to make heaps of different places on the map and find a place for Mr Moriarty to hide.

Tyrone: What have you been doing this term at school with room 16 Zach?

Zach: We have been making a mural for the people who died on ANZAC day, we made a challenge tree, coat of arms shield and we had a swimming sports day and other stuff.

Zach: Tyrone,  do you think that the whole class did a good job on their face art?

Tyrone: Yes but I don’t think that they did a good job, I think they did a fantastic job!

Tyrone: What do you think of me , Zach?

Zach: I think that Tyrone is a great drawer & he’s very nice to people &  he’s a fantastic friend of mine.

Zach: What do you think of me, Tyrone?

Tyrone:Well I think that you are a good friend and you play with me at morning tea time & lunch.

Zach: We are definitely looking forward to next term a Tyrone.
Tyrone: We sure are!
Tyrone & Zach: So see ya next time!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

3D Shapes

Here is my 3D Shape called a Hexagonal Prism, it has 8 faces , 18 edges  and 12 vertices (corners).Here is the formula, For example (Faces+Corners- 2=edges)

Here's Shivom's shape
It has 8 faces, 14 edges and 8 vertices (Corners). Hope you enjoy our shapes!!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Rock Climbing recount 1 and reflection number 2

Here is my Prezi of Rock Climbing and this is a recount of Thursday 9 May   9/5/13
hope you like it!!                                                                                                                                  

Reflection for
· Something I was pleased with was…
That I made it halfway and my buddies supported me.
…because…  Last time didn’t make it halfway.
· I really enjoyed learning… How to be the B-lay and climbing the wall.
…because… It was really fun and exciting. I really enjoyed climbing.
· Something I found hard was… Climbing to the top.
· Something that made me think was… the support my buddies gave me.
                  …because… that really keeps me going.
· Something I want to get better at is…
Climbing to the top  (What can I do about it?) Try harder.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Camp Awsome

Here is my Camp Awesome map, my camp rules and finding Mr Moriarty steps.
My rules and  finding Mr Moriarty steps are under the Map.

Money for Camp Fun:
Please pay the Airport some money because if you don’t you won’t be able to enter!  
Adults $24
Children $10
Preschoolers Free!
ON Fridays there will be special prices.

Camp Fun rules:

Inside & Outside rules
1. Never play video games at night
2. Do not drink from the toxic spill by the Airport
3. You can’t kill other people in the camp with the
C4 Jets
4. Do not play activities without Tyrone's permission!
5. Plane drives cost $200 to get to another Island
or Camp
6. Never go onto the other side of the swimming pool without Parents permission because one side of the pool is really deep

Gear list
1. Water guns & water bombs( for swimming pool)
2. T-shirts, Pants, Long shirts and Jeans
3. Video games (are aloud)
4. Kayak and life jacket (If you want to Kayak in
the pond
5. Torch( for Deadly Mountains)
6. Togs and goggles
7. Paintball gun if you have one
8. You have to bring food or other wise you're on your own
9. Lollies are not allowed, if you bring lollies you have to give them to Tyrone.

Thank You for listening to all the rules on the page.
Find Mr Moriarty!
Follow the steps to find Mr- Moriarty

This is an urgent mission soldier because Mr Moriarty is in DANGER, and only you can save him.
You have 5 minutes to save him!!!!!!  

1. Start from Fishing Spot on 1B
2. Go North , 6 squares on 6B
3. Turn West and walk 3 squares on 7E
4. Go to the Swimming Pool to get the keys in 8F    
5. Go South West 2 squares and you will land on 5H
6.  Enter  the base by using the keys
7. Go down the Ladder and go 2 squares East and stop on 4H
8. You found him, now destroy the robots with a paintball gun

Well done soldier, you have completed your mission and saved Mr Moriarty!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Angry Verb

Here is my Angry bird with a verb from (Angry Birds Rio) the game, I've made this with my bare hands and copied the picture of the Bird that explodes. Hope you like it. The verbs I got from Angry Birds Rio was Aim-Aiming-Aimed

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