Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ordinary day at school

Ordinary day at school

Once on a fine and ordinary day I got out of my ordinary bed, dressed into my ordinary clothes and having ordinary breakfast(which is Coco pops or Nutra Grain)  I go Crunch, Crunch!
When eating my ordinary Nutra Grain.

I clean my ordinary teeth and wet my ordinary face, I go down the ordinary long house to get my lunchbox filled with food in the ordinary kitchen.

After I've done my ordinary jobs I watch ordinary television like free view on channel 2.

Nine o’clock is the ordinary time that my ordinary school starts and at 8:30 or 8:40 we go to our ordinary school called Otane.

I give my ordinary homework to our ordinary teacher called Mrs Evens in room 2 which is for year 3’s and 4’s

I finish my ordinary day at our ordinary school and have a ordinary rest in the ordinary long, wide house for a while.

When ordinary dad got home from work we all had a ordinary dinner with our family.

I went to my ordinary bed and had a ordinary long sleep at the ordinary time. 

This is a ordinary story at my old school called Otane, I used to go there.

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