Thursday, 7 November 2013

Zombie Apocalypse #1

Here is our story about a zombie apocalypse and when I mean our I mean Elijah, Zach and me. I hope you like the story, it's got some jokes, and by some I mean heaps.

Zombie Apocalypse #1

This all started one horrifying night........

Tyrone comes back to his house ready to eat his hotdog he got from Wendy's. Then Tyrone hears a knock and a bang at my door, “Who is it?” He say’s, “It’s me” says a mysterious voice, “Who’s me?” Tyrone replied. “It’s Zach and Elijah” they say, “Well why didn’t you say so,” Tyrone opened the door and Elijah and Zach rushed in and they quickly shut the door. “There’s a horde of zombies outside” Zach says, “Zombies aren't real” Tyrone say’s. Suddenly the zombies smash through the windows. “Hey Dylan come meet our friends” Elijah yells. Dylan comes running in “Hey guys, AHHH! zombies” Dylan yells. “BRAINS” say the zombie’s. They all pile on top of him and Zach, Elijah and Tyrone make their escape. They run out the door when Zach remembered... I forgot to pick up my Subway. ‘Why are you doing that theres more important things to do!” Tyrone says. Zach replied, “I payed 7$ for this! They race down the street “what about Dylan” Zach said. “We will send him a get well soon card” Elijah said.

10 minutes later... “Look” says Zach, “there’s a sewer hole in the road” “so, what about it?” says Tyrone. “It’s open” says Zach, “and..” replies Tyrone, “we can jump in it!” says Zach, “Good Idea”says Elijah. They jump in the hole. Tyrone feels something biting his arm “thats not you're subway Zach” he said. “what?, I  dropped it in the dirt two blocks ago” Zach says feeling confused. Elijah turns on the torch. “Ahh Zombie” He yells. They kick it into the water and it floats away “A BLA Bla BLE BLA BLUUUUU” say the zombie. “Let’s get out of here” Tyrone squeaks. They carry on down the street and pass a gun shop. ‘I wonder if they have guns” Zach says. They run in and grab everything they can.

to be continued...

  • “A BLA Bla BLE BLA BLUUUUU” means “I can’t swim, I can’t swimmmm”
  • Zach, a Pony loving guy.
  • Elijah, a guy who likes chips!




  1. You guys left Dylan behind?!!! Please i read in the day time, bit frightening

  2. Awesome Tyrone
    I can't wait to read more I think that hole is where they came out of
    well done

  3. Awesome Tyrone,
    I love the story and the humour in it.
    What a great use of a glossary.

  4. Well done Tyrone.
    I like this story because you put lots of humour in it.
    Keep it up!


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