Monday, 25 November 2013

Triathlon day recount

Last Friday on the 22nd of November the seniors had a Triathlon day and I am doing a recount of team race when my team was doing it. My team is Flin and Dylan. I hope enjoy my recount of triathlon day.

Triathlon Day Recount

“Go” shouts a teacher, and their off. Flin starts biking and everyone are in their positions and  Dylan waits to get high fived on the hand. Flin finds it difficult to come first and is probably tired after 5 minutes. He tags Dylan and he goes into the pool. For a while I thought he would have not finished it and took a long time and I was getting a bit worried but then I saw him and also saw Sam waiting for his partner. ‘Oh no’ I thought in my head, ‘Sams gonna eventually beat me.’ “Come on Dylan!” I yell, and he comes walking to me and tags me to run. I get to the playground and see Zach, and he runs with me after I got past him. “Hey” Zach says,
“what are you doing”
I reply,
“trying to beat you”
Zach replies back.
“Get out”
I say to Zach,
Zach replies.

I keep on running until my good conscience says ‘Don’t look back!’ and my evil conscience says
‘look back!’, I look back and Sam was coming, ‘told you so’ the good conscience replies. I trie to get past Ollie and the girl in front of me, and I beat her but I was far from beating Ollie. I breathe heavily and sounded weird and Elijah running by my side, my legs were getting tired and felt like collapsing onto the grass. I keeped on running and then....                                    Sam ran past me and thought ‘oh man,’ I get to the finish line and say to Teva “You got to the finish line before Sam.” Then I walk over to Elijah and smile, then collapsed onto the grass. lying down on the grass brang my strength back to start walking instead of lying on the grass forever.

“For those who want a swim can you please have it now and then you after the swim you can have your morning tea” says a teacher, “Yah!” I say.


  1. Amazing recount Tyrone. I like how you wrote that your good conscience was telling you not to look back and when you did it said "Told ya so". What place did you? Did you beat Zach. Keep up the great writing.


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