Monday, 4 November 2013

Science: Speedboat

Here is my Science report on a cardboard boat and a paper clip. This is all on how it floats and why. I hope you enjoy reading it. :)

Race a Speedboat
Can you make a paper boat race across the water just by gently touching the surface of the water?
Hypothesis (What I think will happen) The boat might sink because water might get on it causing it to shred to pieces.

Coloured card, washing up liquid, pencil or sharpie, scissors, large container of water.

Method (What we did)
  1. Filled a container with a bit of water.
  2. Poured some washing up liquid into the container.
  3. We cut a piece of cardboard into a boat.
  4. Now we place the boat into the water.
Observation (What happened)
Mr Severinson poured a bit of washing up liquid into the container. Marcus placed his cardboard boat into the water and nothing happened until Marcus put his finger in behind the boat and it went 10 cm away from where he dipped his finger in.

Conclusion (Why I think it happened)
The washing up liquid broke the surface tension making it weaker and the other end stronger, causing the boat to move when you place your finger into the water.

Short Experiment to Follow Up
Make Metal Float
Gently place a paperclip on the water’s surface.

Hypothesis (What I think will happen)
I think it might float because it’s light.
I was right about it floating but not about it being light?

Observation (What happened)
The paper clip floated when henry had his hand underneath but when he moved his hand away, the paper clip sunk.

Conclusion (Why I think it happened)

Because there was no hole or anything on the surface. If there was a hole in the water the paper clip will not float, dipping your hand in is causing to make a hole and the paper clip will only float when the surface is just flat.

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