Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Super hero story #2

Here is my other story of part 2 and Master Tyrone faces droids and working with some mates, what will happen, will the world be destroyed or will it be saved? Please comment. :)
Master Tyrone PART 2:Darth Vader!

Last time on Master Tyrone:
Anakin has captured Tyrone and gets a powerful chemical on him, which turns him into a super hero. “Oh no, the Dark side have taken over Hastings,”  “You can save Hasting Master Tyrone.” Assassin zach throws a sword at Master Tyrone and the rest start shooting.....

Meanwhile in room 16:
“Whoa” I said, “that was a close one.” “I think we have to take off our disguises so they stop shooting at us” said Captain D, “Good Idea” I replied, we take off the stormtrooper disguises and stopped shooting. “Sorry for that, we didn’t know that it was you goodies” said Assassin zach, “I’ll call the boss.” While we were waiting our teacher Mr Moriarty (AKA, Commander B, Commander Brains) came in and apologized for shooting at us, “Here, quickly, come over here to the secret base.” “What base?” said Captain D, “there’s nothing here.” Commander B pulls out a book and a secret elevator appears when the place where the dictionaries get holded get chopped in half. We go into the elevator and see that it was made out of glass because I could see 1/4 of students practising and another quarter playing games that help them to fight to fight. Half of the class were playing a paintball game.”Whoa” I say, “it’s amazing down here.” “Yep” says Commander B, “this  is a place for all pupils to train for a battle and they need to train hard because an army of droids are out there.” “Can me and Master Tyrone go and fight them?” says Captain D, “Yes but you need some reinforcements to help you fight this battle” says Commander B. “Come on out kids,” Iron Josh, Master Zebhdiyah, Assassin zach, Elijah Man, Agent Marcus, Teva-yunda, Cri-Wolf and Thunder skull, “7 kids wanting to help us fight for hastings, it’ll be an awesome fight” I say. “Assassin zach” I say, Assassin zach replies “Yeah”, and I say “Do you have a plan?” Assassin zach thinks for a while and goes, “Ahah!” “What?” says Elijah Man. “Well we’ll.... (they whispered the plan out and all agreed) “Yep” they all said.

“Yoohoo, up here” says Elijah Man who shape shifted into a lady droid, “can you sign my laser gun, oh sorry it’s got the guy next to you’s name on it! Elijah Man shape shifts into a machine gun and Agent Marcus comes out of know where and hops on Elijah Man. The machine gun shoots all the droid but the droidekas are still out but one hit and their bubble will be popped. While they were doing that Thunder skull and Iron Josh were taking out the Vulture droids and they worked pretty well together, Assassin zach and Captain D were taking down Droidekas, storm troopers, Tank and battle droids. I saw a not in one of the droids hands, it read

“Come to your house or let your parents perich, to save them you’ll have to fight me or just walk to your house,, 02.30 pm. Don’t be late,

From your nemesis,

Darth Vader!

“Oh no” said Teva-yunda, “We have to do something.” “We will” I reply, “Teva-yunda, Captain D, Cri-Wolf and Master Zebhdiyah, you’ll be my backup and when I call you come.” Master Tyrone walks home to fight the powerful and mighty Darth Vader, “Hi Master Tyrone” said Darth Vader with a grin on his face not that I can see it but he laughed a bit. “Welcome Master Tyrone.” He pulled a lever and a big see through cylinder glass dropped on me. “I’ll get out of here soon Darth Vader!” I say, and Darth Vader says “Oh really” and I say “Nah not really. 10 minutes later... “Woohoo I’m free!” I shout, then an army of droidekas surround me, “I shouldn’t have shouted it out” I thought. I get handcuffed to a wall in a cell, I use the force to grab my lightsaber and cut the chains off, I call my brother on the walkie talkie. “Hello, is anybody there, I repeat, is anybody there.”

Meanwhile at Mcdonalds....

“Can we all have a um, a kids meal and a um, a chocolate sundae” says Crighton, “That would beeee, $7.99/$8.00” says the register man. “Aren’t you a bit too young to get your own meals kid,” Crighton replied “yes, and I have money, like, about.. $40.” Cha ching, goes the register. Crighton, Zeb, Dylan and Teva walk over to a table to eat their food, watching TV and heard something, “Pickup, pickup, come on, I haven’t got all day.” “I think I heard Tyrone you guys” says Zeb, “Nah, it was just the TV”says Dylan.  I shout out at Dylan and he say “Hi brother, have you finished Dath vuder yet”, “It’s pronounced Darth Vader” I say.” “Yeah right” Dylan replies, then I say “any way, I need backup, Ok, back up” The guys go into the toilets and get quickly changed into super heroes, well not super heroes, but more like super kids.They followed Dylan because he was the only one out of the 3 counting himself which is 4 who knew how to get to his house. Master Tyrone and Darth Vader here something, “Someones knocking on the door” says one of the security droids, the security droids look at the door. Suddenly  Captain D smashes a wall to get in, “Why did you go through wall?” I say, Captain D replies “It’s called making an entrance” and Master Zebhdiyah replies “no its not.” “Lets just fight some droids, save Master Tyrone ” says Cri-Wolf, 20 minutes later... “Yay we finally defeated the baddies and no more destruction, woohoo” says the whole group. “The war isn’t over” I say, “More bad guys might be roaming the city and we don’t know when they will ever stop, war has just begun.”


  1. I love your imagination. Words look great coloured.

  2. Cool or should I say SUPER cool.
    That was amazing I love the humor.
    An awesome ending.


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