Thursday, 7 November 2013

Report on a Wereigator (werewolf alligator)

Werewolf Alligator
This is probably the most terrifying monster you have ever heard of or seen. This monster is part Werewolf and part Alligator, say hello to the Wereigator.

This creature is 2 m and 53 cm tall. It lives in the swamps where it can camouflage in the reeds.The Wereigator has an Alligator head. It has 1 werewolf arm and 1 alligator arm. It also has 2 legs, one is an Alligator and the other is werewolf leg. The tail has scaly skin and fur growing out of it. Its eyes are red and it’s teeth are about 10 cm tall  and approximately 5 cm wide. The Wereigator combines the strength and running of a Werewolf and fast swimming and huge bites of a Alligator. This creature is very rare and there are approximately 37 of them in the world.

Why it Is so terrifying?
This creature is terrifying because can camouflage itself as a log or it could play dead. Imagine a packgregation of Wereigators surrounding your home,dribbling, and getting closer and closer to you to bite your face off!

Now you know what he looks like and can be alert when he appears, and if you're off guard, there is a good chance of you dying.

Packgregation: A pack of werewolves and a congregation of Alligators.
Wereigator: An Alligator and a werewolf hybrid.

Here is the Wereigator:

CREATED BY: Zach and I

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