Saturday, 2 March 2013

Swimming at the beach with my friends

When we get to the beach I grab my swimming gear. I see my sister and friends. I also see lifeguards,a big hole,dark sand and  huge waves. I hear waves crashing and my baby cousin screaming while getting dragged on a board. There were seagulls squawking and they were diving in the water for fish. The dark sand  feels wet  my board feels hard and dry. After that I went into the water, it was freezing and  when I got out I was dry. I felt the soft sand and I saw a dog with a wet stick. I touched it’s fur and I grabbed the stick and threw it. The dog came back and he was smelly it gave me back the stick and I threw it once more. After that I went for another swim. Splash, I tripped up and got salty water in my mouth it tasted like some kind of dirty chemicals that has been tipped into the sea. While I was in the water I smelled  the fresh when suddenly a wave tipped me over and I got a mouth full of sand. When it was time to go home I said “goodbye” to my baby cousin and Aunt or friend.   

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