Friday, 9 August 2013

The Minuscule Dragon

Here is my dragon story about a dragon and I put compound sentences, complex and simple sentences. This story has WALT or WALA sentences in it and they are compound, complex and simple sentences. I hope you have a great time reading my story of The Minuscule Dragon.
         The Minuscule Dragon

The minuscule dragon flew into the room from the window and layed on my fingers.He small dragon set flight from the tips of my fingers. He bursts out lava like fire that goes right through a tree! The dragon lights up with fire, I think his name must be Torch. All of a sudden Torch turned red and stayed that way. I looked up “what do tiny dragons eat” and the computer had some links to look at. I clicked onto ‘WIKIPEDIA’ (or Wiki) and it came up with heaps of things. It came up with meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and people!! I gave Torch some of my uncles hand that died last year. Torch didn’t like the hand, I was lucky that he didn't like the hand. I asked mum if I could have some meat, she asked me why.I told her it was for a project for my blog. Mum left and I gave Torch the 50 centimeter meat. Torch ate it in 10 seconds, he must have been hungry. I walked down to stairs to get more food. When I got back upstairs Torch was 2x bigger!! I gave him some more meat and he grew 4x bigger. Then he changed color again but is wasn’t his body it was his wings! The red wings turned Dark but he wasn’t turning evil or something.He flew out of the room leaving a hole in the wall and a 1 metre plop of poo on the road. Torch blue green toxic fire going through buildings and making hole through the concrete wall. The city was in a gigantic mess, Torch flew back to the house. When Torch got closer I saw a huge angry mom of people who had their town destroyed. I jumped on Torches back and he flew into the past to his family. There were different kinds of dragons, blue and orange dragons too. There was another dragon and he was all black. He looked kinda evil but he was just Torch’s dad making copies of himself. The weirdest dragon I ever saw was a Cockatrice. I also saw an army of people on horses.
The army had a catapult with a burning rock aiming at one of the dragons. The dragon quickly covered his scaly body with his wing that made the rock rebound back to the catapult. The soldiers retreated and I left for home. I said goodbye to Torch and he gave me a slight burn on the palm of my hand. “Ouch” I said. There was a picture of a dragon skull on it. “Woah” I said as Torch was flying away.
The End!


  1. Awesome post tyrone
    I like the title well done

  2. Great job tyrone!
    I really like your dragons name, Torch!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  3. Awesome Tyrone
    great starting sentence and a cool name for the dragon torch!!!


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